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Chimney Cleaning

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Why should I have my

Chimney cleaned?

Below is information and facts about Chimney Cleaning.  If you have any questions regarding our procedure, pricing or availability, feel free to call us!

Why should I have my chimney cleaned?

The purpose of chimney cleaning is to remove flammable deposits such as soot and creosote from the interior walls of a chimney. If these deposits are allowed to build up, they will eventually ignite and cause a chimney fire. During the winter months, in many areas, chimney fires are the #1 cause of house fires. Chimney fires damage chimneys, cause fires within other areas of the home and cause millions of dollars in property damage annually. In the United States well over 50,000 homes annually catch on fire due to the use of solid fuel burning appliances. (The majority of solid fuel used by homeowners is wood, but also includes coal, wood pellets and biofuel.)

Chimney Cleaning

Before and After

It is recommended that your chimney be cleaned frequently. The National

Fire Protection Association recommends cleaning of chimneys at least once a year, more if you use your fireplace regularly. This applies to both wood-burning and gas fireplaces! Even if you do not use your fireplace, your chimney should still be cleaned and inspected as animals may build nests in the flue.  Certain factors such as frequency of use, duration of use, moisture content of the wood, type of wood, the individual characteristics of your appliance and how you have it adjusted can greatly affect the soot build up within your chimney.  Adjustments include damper settings, outside air vents, interior air intake settings, and the use and positioning of glass doors on fireplaces and stoves.  Strange as it may sound, in many cases greater buildup of soot occurs during periods of infrequent and shorter burn times such as fall and spring than it does in the middle of the winter when far more fuel is burned. This is because the chimney walls stay cool during short time frames and condensation occurs much more rapidly on cool surfaces. Err on the side of safety, if in doubt - have your chimney cleaned.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

Absolutely Not! We contain the mess by means of proper-sized brushes and rods and a heavy-duty vacuum system designed specifically for dust control.  We guarantee no mess in your home!  As local professionals in this community, we take pride in our service and our impeccable reputation.

Is Chimney cleaning a messy process?

How long does is take?

A typical sweeping can take from about 20 minutes to an hour depending on the type of chimney, the height, accessability and the construction of the system.

A chimney flue is cleaned with special brushes. We start by cleaning your chimney from the outside of the house with the damper door closed. We brush down all of the soot/creosote and allow it to settle before re-opening the damper.  The brushes are attached to flexible poles; we add length to the pole to push the brush down into the flue.  Once the debris has settled, we open the damper and vacuum it out immediately.  This method allows for more control of the dust.  The walls of the fireplace are then cleaned by hand using specialized brushes.

How do you clean the chimney?






Basic Chimney Diagram

*Masonry Chimneys

*Gas Chimneys

*Pre-Fabricated Chimneys


What types of chimneys do you clean?

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