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We offer many products that are beneficial to the quality of air and cleanliness in your home.  Most of these items should be available to you at the time of the appointment but in some cases they will need to be ordered and shipped/delivered to you.  If you have any questions regarding any of these products, feel free to ask the Supervisor on the day of the appointment or call our office at:


Electrostatic HEPA Filters

The following information is from the brochure of our Electrostatic HEPA Filters manufacturer:

You can have clean air in your office or home all the time!

Air-Care Electrostatic Air Filters clean the air by using static electricity, a safe, naturally occuring phenomenon.  An electrostatic charge is generated by air flowing through a maze of static prone fibers.  Airborne particles are attracted and held by the static charge until released  by washing.

Electrostatic Filtration

Illustrations to the right show typical dust loading pattern of the electrostatic fibers.  This unique characteristic improves air flow while providing maximum filtration.

Benefits You Can Live With

*Cleaner air to breathe

*Removes  pollen, dust and airborne pollutants with up to 94% arrestance

*Less housecleaning


*Reasonably priced

*No harmful ozone emissions

*High dust & particle holding capacity

*Standard and special sizes available

*'Lifetime' warranty

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Cleaning is Quick & Easy

On a monthly basis (more often if needed) follow these easy steps...


*Simply remove the air filter

*Flush with water in opposite direction of air flow arrows then rinse other side

*Spray with ZAP! CLEANER to remove stubborn stains

*Rinse thoroughly to remove remaining dirt

*Drain excess water, let air-dry and reinstall



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Ultra Odor Kill

Dryer Vent Alarm

Clean Breeze

The dryer vent alarm accurately detects airflow restrictions due to lint buildup in the dryer vent and sounds an audible alarm when the airflow restriction meets a potentially dangerous level.

The new “cleanbreeze” is an aerosol air freshener that works continuously to neutralize odors leaving the home or office with a pleasant scent all day long. It contains a smart chip that is programmed to release a small spray of long lasting fragrance into the home or office at timed intervals controlled by the user.

A scientific break-through in clean air methodology with a fresh scent. It sponges up unwanted air contaminants. Ultra Odor Kill Solid acts like synthetic char-coal. Its magnetic sponge attracts and deactivates the harmful pollutants in the air. Uncapped containers are placed into the return side of the air conditioner. Ultra Odor Kill Solid will become active after opened, and will be effective while it dissolves for approximately 3 months.

ZAP! is the perfect product to keep your Electrostatic HEPA Filters clean, efficient and effective!

If you have questions about these products or their pricing, give us a call!

The following information is from the manufacturer website:

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