Air Duct Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning/Rerouting

Chimney Cleaning

Electrostatic HEPA Filters


Serving Greater Austin

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Current Rates & Specials

Below are specials we are currently running during the Winter!

If you have any questions regarding these or anything else, please feel free to call.

Including one return/intake!

($30/ea. add. return)

with Unlimited Vents up to a Single Unit


Professional Air Duct Cleaning

with Spinbrush System

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Complete Removal of All Lint and Debris from the Dryer Vent

Clogged vents incur an extra fee of $30  

All Dryer Vent Services come w/a 6 mth warranty

*Price is for 1st/2nd floor residential properties.  All others may incur an extra fee. Call for more details!

Chimney Cleaning

Two Story

One Story




Removal of All Soot and Debris from the Interior of the

Chimney and Fireplace.  Includes a Level 1 Inspection.

Price is based on the height of the chimney.


Electrostatic HEPA Filters

20 % Off


All Standard and Custom Sizes

Call Us At - (512) 799-2913

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Fire Hazard



When you combine the

Chimney and Dryer Vent

cleaning services!

Must mention Ad to receive discount.

Cannot combine offers.


When done with Air Duct Cleaning

Winter Cleaning TRIO

Get your home fresh and ready for winter

with our Trio Cleaning Special!

Air Duct, Dryer Vent and

Chimney Cleaning Trio!

*Minimum of One Duct System Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, and One Story Chimney Cleaning

*Not Valid With Any Other Specials

*Details of each service are listed on this page.

Must mention ad to receive discount.

Cannot combine offers.

/ System

GET $50 OFF*

*This is a full brush and vacuum of the ductwork, registers

and returns using our specialized Spinbrush System.


When done with Air Duct Cleaning

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Must mention Ad to receive discount.

Cannot combine offers.

Must mention Ad to receive discount.

Cannot combine offers.